Omar El Mrabt

Omar is Helsinki based photographer, designer and Instagrammer. He was born in a small city in the middle of the lakes and forests called Jämsä.

With Moroccan dad and Finnish mother, his life has always been full of contrasts, and he is not afraid to mix Nordic simplicity and exotic colours in a new ways.

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  1. Two Towers PosterTwo Towers Poster
    Two Towers Poster
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  2. Helsinki Winter Street PosterHelsinki Winter Street Poster
  3. Pink Facede PosterPink Facede Poster
    Pink Facede Poster
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  4. Carnival Helsinki PosterCarnival Helsinki Poster
  5. Helsinki Harbour Islands PosterHelsinki Harbour Islands Poster
  6. Little Tower PosterLittle Tower Poster
    Little Tower Poster
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  7. Villa Street PosterVilla Street Poster
    Villa Street Poster
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  8. Learning to Walk in the Woods PosterLearning to Walk in the Woods Poster
  9. Helsinki Boulevard PosterHelsinki Boulevard Poster
  10. Magical Suomenlinna PosterMagical Suomenlinna Poster
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10 producten

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